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Exported from Adobe Illustrator, the coordinate points that make up the continuous line.  Two loops: right handed and left handed.  
Three files:
5MB .png (slightly offset for attractive reproduction by home printer) 
109KB .svg (suitable for home machines)

109KB .txt (take a look at the data, observe the significant digits, accept that even here is approximation and geometric frustration as the above does not neatly mesh with the below) 


2022 "Squares Explosion From Eleven'd Stars" Digital for Print

  • <polygon id="_x3C_Path_x3E__Reverse" class="st0" points="486.3,526.4 479.2,512.2 466.7,513.9 467.1,512 505.7,506.8 508.3,487.9 
        503.4,485.4 501,502.2 468.3,506.6 468.7,504.8 475.1,503.9 471.1,495.8 477.3,461 470.4,458 461.1,459.5 462.6,450.4 471.5,448.9 

  • The Download is three digital files for your use.

    I respectfully request a seperate purchase of the Download for each made thing.  

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