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"It warns of the perils of the lack of self criticism and introspection on a personal level and at a group level and delves into the role of Discordianism and the need to poke fun at ideas we hold dear and those of the causes we band to" -- Faust, reviewed at principia discordia dot com

At times available from other cabal members as well as at principia discordia dot com


Contains one .pdf file of 861KB formatted for home printing 12 pages across 3 sheets of paper

2015 "On Activism" - Boomtime Cabal

  • All cabal members allege permission to sell reproductions, probably.  Hail Eris! 

  • This is a digital download of one .pdf file intended for home printing for personal enjoyment and more.  Rights are observered?
    It can usually be found for free elsewhere.  

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