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"Men are men before they are lawyers, or physicians, or merchants or manufacturers; and if you make them capable and sensible men, they will make themselves capable and sensible lawyers or physicians."
– John Stuart Mill

If worse comes to worse, I'll make a new unique thing.  I'll consider reasonable return and replacement requests.  I've endeavored to produce the highest quality and I welcome critique.

Shipping Policy

I do the Work

Within 3 days I ship physical things USPS box or padded envelope.  Internationally USPS will liaison for us.  
An automated system should include insurance and tracking and accurate quotes.  The part I can control is getting the package to the post within 3 days.  

For digital products, contact me if there is any delay or error and I will seek other methods of file delivery to you.


The Small Print

Officially I do not do returns.  Insurance should cover damage during shipping.  If you are unsatisfied please contact me and I will make an effort to make you right. 

Digital products are also not returnable, officially.  Informally, I will say that they are easy to refund and I prefer happiness in other people.

Warranty Information

No Promises & No Lies

Art is delicate.  Pigments fade.  Inks bleed and run.  Paper is unprotected.  No warranty is made.
Embrace impermanence as possible.

Privacy Policy

Want a cookie?

I am collecting, but I won't sell your info. 
Some software tracking happens so I can understand general things about where site visitors are from and what behavior they engage in while on site.  I haven't added any tracking or surveillance software beyond the basics contained in my web-host's annual package.  

 Get in touch and I'll share the specifics.

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