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Arcadie was Arcadia.
Visions of Arcadia were found along with real civilization in Arcadie.
"Arcadia" is derived from the Arcadia district in Greece, which had the extended meanings of "refuge" or "idyllic place". 
Acadie is derived from the Mi'kmaq language where the word “cadie” means "place of abundance” and can be found in names such as “Tracadie” and “Shubenacadie”.
Many participants of the last civilizations of the leaves in Europe left for an Arcadian future in Arcadie.  Eurasian Enclosures followed them and today threaten to swallow all of the World just as they swallowed all of the Woods.   
My public work is the cultivation of a civilization of the leaves "La Ramée" among people found within the Eurasian Enclosures found on this new land Turtle Island.

My precursors in this project were Jacques La Ramée and Pierre de La Ramée and my grandparents Mary Rita and Ernest.  

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